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February Classroom Activities Spotlight

Kindergarten teachers Mrs. Kanusky, Miss Moore and Miss Schmidt began their Science unit on “Animals in Winter”.  The students explored the different ways animals adapt to survive the cold.  Students created a virtual presentation, showcasing an animal of their choosing, and how they adapt during the winter.  Students then made bird and squirrel feeders out of paper towel rolls, sunflower seed, butter and rolled them into seeds.  They were hung outdoors to help those animals that stay out during the winter.  

Mrs. Rohlfing’s kindergarten class learned about keeping their body in the group and followed the group plan through social language lessons taught by speech teacher Mrs. Snyder.  Throughout the month the class practiced different activities to reinforce those concepts and are now using them in their vocabulary during school!

Mrs. Boyer and Mrs. Schoenauer’s first grade classes learned about the connection between sounds and vibration.  They experimented using telephones made of cups, string, and paper clips.  The class had fun whispering to each other through the cups and testing if their partners could determine what they whispered.  They have been learning about life long ago, and they used this activity to compare communication from the past to the present.