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Whitehall-Coplay School District

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Centralized Enrollment

Enrollment Information

Mrs. Michelle Khouri, District Registrar  610-437-4780 x1014

Please CLICK HERE for new student enrollments

Enrollment Information

Dear Parents / Guardians:
Welcome to the Whitehall-Coplay School District!  You are registering your child in a district that is a leader in curriculum, instruction, assessment and staff development. Whitehall-Coplay School District is a suburban school district located in Lehigh County, housing all of its buildings on a central campus in Whitehall Township.
In order to attend a school in the Whitehall-Coplay School District, new students and their families must complete a TWO-STEP PROCESS:

Step 1- Registration:

A parent/guardian must complete the online registration for all school-aged children entering the Whitehall-Coplay School District.  You can access this online system by clicking HERE.

Once you have completed the online enrollment for all students, you will schedule an appointment with our Central Registrar, Michelle Khouri, using the online calendar. The appointment is necessary to finish the enrollment process, provide the required documents, and submit verification of the family's address.     Central Registration is located at the Transportation Office, on the Whitehall-Coplay School District Campus. The address is 2640 Campus Dr, Whitehall PA 18052. After the registration is complete, the Central Registrar will provide the family with the information needed for Step 2.

Step 2 - Placement:

Parents/guardians will be contacted by the assigned school to explain class assignments, schedules and other information unique to the school.

If you need assistance with registration or have questions, please call Michelle Khouri at 610-437-4780 x1014.
2023-2024 Kindergarten Registration

We are excited to enroll the Class of 2036!  Your child MUST BE 5 BEFORE September 1st, 2023.  

24-25 Kindergarten Flyer PDF



Click here to complete your child’s online registration and to select a date/time to meet with Mrs. Michelle Khouri.



1. Child’s Birth Certificate

2. Child’s Immunization Record

3. If you own– deed, settlement paper OR 2022/2023 real estate tax bill

4. If you rent– your signed lease agreement

5. Current utility bill

6. Parent’s photo ID


What can I expect during the online registration process?

The first step is completing the pre-registration form.  Once that form is complete, you will receive an email from the school district within 24 hours.

The email from the school district contains instructions on how to set up a parent portal account for your child.  Once that is set up there will be numerous online forms for you to complete.  The last form will take you to a calendar where you will schedule a date/time to meet with Michelle Khouri, District Registrar in person.

Meet with Michelle Khouri at the date/time you selected.  Please be sure to bring along all of your required paperwork to your appointment.

Provided that you have presented all the required paperwork, your child’s enrollment will be approved and under PA state law, Whitehall-Coplay School District has up to 5 school days to start your child in school.

What are the required documents?

The following documents are required for all students to be registered into Whitehall-Coplay School District?

Proof of Birth- acceptable documents are birth certificate, passport, baptismal certificate or notarized parent statement

 Immunization Record- acceptable documents are the student’s most recent immunization record or a PA State Immunization Exemption Form is the student does not receive immunizations.

Proof of Residency
If the parent owns their home, we need either the deed OR Closing Disclosure form from settlement OR current year school tax bill OR current year county real estate tax bill

If the parent rents their home, we need the signed lease agreement .

Current utility bill
Whitehall/Coplay moving permit OR current year Whitehall/Coplay per capita tax bill

Photo ID of the parent/guardian completing the online registration

What if I do not own/rent a home in my name?

If you are residing in Whitehall/Coplay with a leaseholder or homeowner, there will be additional proof of residency items that will need to be submitted.  Please contact Michelle Khouri, for details.