• Our mission is to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of all students of the Whitehall-Coplay School District while providing for their daily transportation needs.

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    • Travel nearly 2,100 miles daily - 500,000 miles annually
    • Transport nearly 4,500 students daily
    • Number of private schools to which transported- 36
    • Number of buses in our fleet - 60
    • Number of transportation employees - 63
    • Weekly fuel usage - approximately 1,700 gallons of diesel


    Department Contacts:

    Phone-610.437.4780FAX- 610.820.5038 2640 Campus DriveWhitehall, PA 18052  

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    Bus Driver Employment Application 

    Application Cover Sheet

    MVR Form



    For transportation to be provided for your children to/from any private or parochial school, a written transportation request must be received from the appropriate school with all the necessary information provided.

    Act 372 Request Form

    Due to the large number of non-public and private schools to which Whitehall-Coplay School District transports, there are many occasions that there is only one child at the bus stop needing transportation. The Transportation Department would greatly appreciate notification if a child does NOT need transportation on any given day or period of time.

    If we do not transport your child to school in the morning, we will presume the child is absent and he/she will not require transportation at dismissal time. However, if you transport your child to school in the morning but will require transportation home, you must notify the Transportation Department at 610.437.4780.

    If you withdraw your child from the private enrollment and no longer need transportation, it is necessary to notify the Transportation Department.



    As the cold weather approaches, probably snow will soon begin to fall. This is a great time to discuss preparations with your child and if necessary, arrange for babysitters or daycare. In the event of a 2-hour delay of school we will use the following modified kindergarten schedule:

    AM Kindergarten starts: 10:50 a.m.

    AM Kindergarten ends: 12:40 p.m.

    PM Kindergarten starts: 1:25 p.m.

    PM Kindergarten ends: 3:15 p.m.

    Radio and television announcements during a 2-hour delay will indicate a modified kindergarten schedule. When you hear/see this announcement, please make all of the necessary arrangements for your child (this may include your childcare provider). For the modified kindergarten schedule, the bus for PM children will arrive approximately 50 - 60 minutes later than the regular pickup time for school.

    In the event of a one hour delay, the morning kindergarten children will come to school one hour later, and follow their normal dismissal time schedule. The afternoon kindergarten students will be picked up and will be dismissed at their regularly scheduled time.

    The Gockley Elementary School always wants to provide the best educational program for your child, even when the weather conditions are ice, sleet, snow, or hail. The local radio and tv stations provide the most up to date information. It is so much better if you make your plans ahead of time with your child and your child's teacher.

    Due to weather and traffic conditions, the school office can not predict the times for the different bus stops. Please help us by not calling the school office. We also encourage you to listen to the local radio/tv stations for early school closings because of inclement weather.



    • Not following directions from school bus driver
    • Annoying or unnecessary talking to the bus driver
    • Distracting the bus driver
    • Talking too loudly or boisterous behavior
    • Not allowing others a seat
    • Littering
    • Eating, drinking or chewing gum on bus
    • Pushing or tripping while getting on or off the bus
    • Blocking the aisles of the bus
    • Standing while the bus is in motion
    • Throwing objects out of the window
    • Throwing or shooting objects at the bus driver or passengers
    • Harassment to the driver or other students
    • Unacceptable language and/or obscene gestures
    • Lighting matches or lighters on the bus
    • Fighting on the bus or at the bus stop
    • Destruction to the bus (violations will result in full restitution of damages)
    • Smoking or use of smokeless tobacco
    • Use or possession of alcoholic beverages and/or controlled substances
    • Carrying a weapon

    Disciplinary action will be the decision of the building principal. The penalties will be based on the severity of the violation and the age of the student. Some violations may result in criminal charges being served on the offenders by the bus driver and/or the Supervisor of Transportation.



    In an effort to ensure discipline, health, welfare and safety of staff and students on school transportation vehicles, the Board of Education supports the use of video cameras with audio capability on its school buses.

    Video cameras with audio capability may be used to monitor student behavior on school vehicles transporting students or extracurricular activities.

    Although the prime authority for student discipline rests with the administrator of the school, students need to be held responsible for their own behavior.



     When extreme weather conditions exist, schools may be closed or starting times may be delayed. This decision will be made and broadcast on local radio stations by 6:30am. Please do not call the schools or district office.

    **If a two hour delay is called, a modified Kindergarten schedule will be in effect. For a schedule, click here.

    The following sources are notified by the district and will carry the information you need:

    WAEB Operation Snowflake Website

    WAEB - 790 AM 
    WZZO - 95.1 FM 
    Cat Country - 96.1 FM 
    The Hawk - 99.9 FM 
    WLEV - 100.7 FM 
    B104 - 104.1FM


    WNEP - CHANNEL 16 
    WYOU - CHANNEL 22 
    WBRE - CHANNEL 28 


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