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Whitehall-Coplay School District

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Early Intervention

Early intervention services are provided by CLIU until the child is able to receive school-aged programming (i.e., children must be five before September 1st). If a child is school-aged, the child is eligible to attend kindergarten in their home district. 


For students who are receiving early intervention services, a transition meeting occurs with a district Special  Education Administrator, a representative from the CLIU early intervention team, the school Psychologist or speech therapist and the parent. At this meeting the parent signs the “Intent to Register” form. The transition process at WCSD is also discussed.. 

  1. The district receives student records from the IU and decides if further testing is needed. If so, a permission to evaluate will be issued to the parent. 

  2. Parents must register their child for kindergarten in order to start the school aged transition process. 

  3. The school psychologist/ speech therapist determines school aged disability eligibility and the need for special education programming and services, schedules a time with  the educational team to review the re-evaluation report.

  4. If needed, an Individualized Education Plan will be developed within 30 days of the re-evaluation report date.   

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