Elementary Learning Models

In-Person (5 days)

  • What is the program?

    • Face to Face Instruction in accordance with CDC guidelines
    • Students attend Monday through Friday from 8:35 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.
    • Average class size of 18-21 students
    • District teachers instructing with district curriculum
    • Daily Time Allotments:
      • Language Arts: 90 minutes
      • IE: 30 minutes
      • Math: 60 minutes-90 minutes
      • Social Studies/Science: 30 minutes
      • Lunch/Recess: 45 minutes
      • Special Subject: 45 minutes
    • Special Classes: Art, Physical Education, Library, Music, and Discovery 
    • Intervention Services: Reading and Math

    How do I enroll my child in the in-person model?

    No action is needed at this time. Your child will automatically be enrolled in the in-person model unless you show interest in the virtual learning program.

W-C Virtual Learning Program

  • What is the W-C Elementary Virtual Learning Program?

    • Asynchronous online Instruction from home
    • Students report to homeroom daily at a specific time for attendance/teacher conferencing
    • Students work in 5-day cycles referred to as mods
    • Pennsylvania certified teachers instructing with Whitehall-Coplay School District written or approved curriculum and books
    • Resources (e-lecture, e-stream, and e-brain) are provided to support textbook understanding
    • Daily time allotment minimum of 5 hours per day with flexibility for pacing
    • Limited Selection of Specials offered
    • Open office hours available

    What are the prerequisites for the W-C Elementary Virtual Learning Program? 

    • Follow established protocol for sign up and approval
    • Exhibit prior success with asynchronous learning or provide prior academic record of satisfactory attendance and performance 
    • Establish daily adult supervision and support for learning
    • Arrange pre-assessment academic screening when warranted

    How do I enroll my child?

    Please contact your building principal to show interest.