High School Curriculum


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Algebra I    Accelerated Algebra 1    Practical Algebra 1A    Practical Algebra 1B    Fundementals of Algebra    Keystone Algebra 1    Keytone Algebra 1 Prep    Algebra II    Practical Algebra II    Honors Algebra II    Geometry    Practical Geometry    Honors Geometry    Trig/Algebra III    Honors Trig/Algebra III    Intro To Calculus    AP Calculus    Prob & Stats    Prob & Stats Dual Enrollment    AP Statistics    Visual Basic    Online CompProg C++    Java    Consumer Math    Computer Applications    Replacement Math    Principles of Math    SAT Math





Academic Earth Science    Earth & Space    Applied Earth Science    Applied Earth & Space    Honors Earth Science    Honors Earth & Space    Biology    Applied Biology    Honors Biology    Honors Genetics    Honors Anatomy & Phsyiology    Chemistry    Applied Chemistry    Honors Chemistry I    Advanced Chemistry II    Environmental Science    Online Environmental Science    Zoology    Online Zoology    Honors Physics    Honors Microbiology & Biotechnology


Social Studies

American Studies 1 A    American Studies 2 A    Honors American Studies 1    American Studies 2 A    American Studies 2 B    Honors American Studies 2    World History A    World History B    Honors/Dual Enrollment World History    Gov/Econ A    Gov/Econ B    Honors Economics    AP US History    Psychology    Sociology    Basic Legal    Basic Legal II    Issues in 20th Century America    Pennsylvania Heritage    Global Studies






Traditional American Lit. I    Technical American Lit. I    Fundementals of English    Honors American Lit. I    Traditional American Lit. II    Technical American Lit. II    Honors American Lit. II    Traditional British Lit. I    Technical British Lit. I    Honors British Lit. I    Traditional British Lit. II    Technical British Lit. II    Honors British Lit. II    AP English    Honors English    4/LCCC DE    Studio I    Studio II   Journalism I    Journalism II    Yearbook Theory    Yearbook Production    English Enrichment    Mythology    Film & Video History    SAT-Prep: Verbal    Public Speaking    Traditional Academic Contemporary & World Literature    Keystone Literature/Remediation    Technical Academic Contemporary & World Literature




Visual & Performing Arts    2-D Design    3-D Design    Drawing    Advanced Drawing    Painting    Crafts in Many Cultures    Ceramics 1- Pottery    Ceramics 2 - Ceramic Sculpture    Foundations of Studio Art    Mixed Media Design    Watercolor Painting









Music Theory I    Music Theory II    AP Music Theory    Intrumental Activities    Instrumental & Choral Activities    Choral Activities I    Choral Activities II    Pop Music 1    Pop Music 2    Learning to Play the Piano I    Learning to Play the Piano II    Voice I


Foreign Language

Spanish I    Spanish II    Spanish III    Honors Spanish IV    German I    German II    German III    Honors German IV






Family & Consumer Science

Independent Living    Child Development    Baking & Nutrition    Cooking & Nutrition    American Cuisine    International Cuisine    Fashion & Textile Design    Fashion & Textile Design 2    Sports Nutrition    Creative Cuisine


Physical Education I    Physical Education II    Adapted Physical Education    Health I    Health II    CPR / First Aid / Lifesaving    Strength & Conditioning I



Intro To Business    Business Law    Marketing    Word Processing    Office Technology    Desktop Publishing    Advanced Computer Applications    Computerized Accounting I   Computerized Accounting II    Computerized Accounting III    Web Design I    Web Design II    Sports and Entertainment    Career Exploration and Technology    Entrepreneurship    Creating Mobile Apps




Career Education

Careers in Education Level 1    Careers in Education Level 2



Industrial & Technology Education

Industrial & Business Technology    Manufacturing Technology

Advanced Manufacturing Technology    Digital Photography & Graphic
   Engineering, Drafting &Design    Electricity & Electronics    Transportation & Energy    Intro to Wood Manufacturing