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The Parent Portal is a website where students can access their grades throughout the school year.


  • The POWER Library is offered as a service of Pennsylvania's public libraries, school libraries and the State Library. The POWER library allows you to access thousands of full text periodical articles, newspapers, a major encyclopedia, plus photographs, pictures, charts, maps, reference materials for young people and more. You will find materials of interest in most subject areas for all age groups from young children to adults.

  • The Galegroup Encyclpedia provides complete biographical and bibliographical information and references on more than 120,000 U.S. and international authors. Scribner Writer's Series includes 15-20 page signed essays on more than 1,600 authors and literary genres drawn from 13 acclaimed Scribner print series. The Discovering Collection is a comprehensive database for retrieving in-depth reference content for the core curriculum areas of Literature, History, Biographies, Science, and Social Studies.

  • Follett Destiny is an online library collection for Steckel Elementary, Zephyr Elementary, and the middle school.

Whitehall Township Public Library

The Whitehall Township Public Library works in partnership with the Whitehall-Coplay School District to provide resources for our students. This link will take you to the library's website.

Accelerated Reader

Other Links

  • School Performance Profile

  • Gifted Program Information (pdf)

  • Career Cruising is a career research and planning tool.

  • Earobics Reach

  • Education Planner is your one-stop education website. We have the information you need to find a career, choose a college, university or career school, apply and pay for postsecondary education, then move into the working world.

  • The YouthRules! web page is a gateway providing quick access to information about Federal and State labor laws that apply to young workers. The web page includes information designed to educate teens, parents, educators and employers about the hours youth can work, the jobs youth can do, and how to prevent workplace injuries.

  • is a reference tool for the high school student athlete that contains information on playing high school sports and preparing for college. It is a one-stop resource for their college planning and financial aid needs altogether online in a friendly, sports-based community.